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Participants Write...

What I enjoyed...

I enjoyed this very much. The tools provided. The sharing of experiences. the openness of the group. I thought all your teaching aides were right on! - informal & connecting. Thank you so much for helping me along my journey - Bravo!
- Edmonton, AB

"The inspiring leadership. The awesome experience that was this workshop - a carefully woven tapestry of writing exercises. The confidence I have gained from this writing workshop in my own ability to express myself in writing. The assistance of the journal to see myself in a new light and to listen deeply."
- Toronto, Ontario

"I just wanted you to know what a powerful response your poem, "Vow for a New Day," received last week. A fellow Spiritual Director and I lead group spiritual direction every Wednesday morning at Catherine's Place in Hartford. This is a shelter for homeless women, all in recovery, all either recently discharged from prison or sent here from the courts. We follow a lectio divina process, read the poem and ponder, read again and identify a word that resonates with us, read a third time and speak of where God is with us right now. The energy in the room for "Vow for a New Day," was palpable. The ladies were moved to wonderful participation and we had to cut short the discussion as 8:00 a.m. approached. Thank you for your gift (of poetry) to this group. Pamela Morrison-Wolf, Hartford, Connecticut

"I enjoyed every second of it! I appreciated the amount of material covered and the balance in presentation in discussion and writing. I feel there were many wonderful suggestions re techniques, flexibility and yet not so much as to be overwhelming. I think I could find a solid place to start from in my writing. Thank you Ray."
- Williams Lake, BC

"Thank you more than words can express for the art work, music, playful activities, attentive support, poems, handouts, the wonderful, creative, surprising, fresh, cool and saucy people in this group!"
- Austin, Texas

"I found this to be an extremely satisfying and rich experience. The activities that Ray chose, plus his attention to and awareness of process, spiralled into a deep process yielding life changing insights and beginnings. I appreciated the skill Ray showed in designing content, handouts... moving poems, timing and pacing."
- Naramata, BC

"This was THE most spiritually heart-opening, honest educational event I have ever attended. Thank you for the work you are doing for so many."
- Ross, California

"It was a pleasure attending this writing workshop.Meaningful exercises, creative and nurturing of community. Thank you Ray."
- Canmore, Alberta

"Journalling is only limited by the imagination. The simplest thing can lend inspiration - a word, a poem, an image. What a gift! I learned I have more depth than I thought, that I am well on the way to integration of thought, action and belief. I learned that when I dig deep into myself there is muck, but also light - light enough to illumine not just my journals, but also my life."
- Vancouver, BC

"This has been a welcome opportunity to find a still point from which to create and listen to my inner wisdom, to play and relax with others. So much of my life is full out multi-tasking. What a gift to discover this workshop!"
- Regina, SK

"I wish I could come back next week to learn more. I am sad it is over. Everything was AWESOME!!"
- Victoria, BC

"I enjoyed the design of this workshop, being activity orientated, not just a bunch of information and then assignments to try out at home. Introductions to each activity, attention to breathing and the five senses, structure of the workshop, being with other writing peers."
- Victoria, BC

"I enjoyed the various methods of inspiration we were given as tools for future writing. I found the material presented very valuable. It opened up levels of creativity untouched in me before. I appreciated the time given to each subject and the music which accompanied each session."
- 100 Mile House, BC


About the instructor...

You are the first person in my life who has made the technical attributes of poetry come alive for me. Thank you for that. It is a breakthrough for me!
- Adelaide, Australia

You seem very focused Ray, and it shows...well-organized, and it went so fast! I was extremely interested in what you had to share. Thanks for your patience and sharing your wisdom with others.
- Edmonton, AB

"Thank you for a wonderful thought-provoking workshop. You really helped me go deep inside myself. The exercises are as simple or as complex as I wanted to make them. A very valuable experience. A++."
- Victoria, BC

"Very effectively facilitated. By the end of this workshop I realize that Ray seems to have timed this event brilliantly. Yet, as a participant, it felt like the workshop flowed in an easy-going, non-pressured way. Great!"
- Victoria, BC

"I really loved this workshop Ray. You facilitated this group very well and gave us so many fun writing activities that I will be able to continue using at home, to keep the creative juices flowing."
- Vancouver, BC

"Good pacing of activities. They really built on each other. I appreciated your positive manner and enthusiasm for the material. You were very present throughout the whole workshop."
- Victoria, BC

"Great instructor! The materials provided and presentations of the subjects was very useful. The guided meditations were inspirational. Thanks Ray!"
- Vancouver, BC

"Your way of giving us permission to write, in the midst of a very diverse group of participants - you helped us share our writing and open to others from different backgrounds - spiritually and culturally. Thanks. You're amazing!"
- Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

"Ray is a sensitive and intuitive instructor. His timing on each subject was just right. A gentle, fun, serious and knowledgeable person."
- 100 Mile House, BC

"You led us through a range of exercises and depth of material that was expansive and creative. I take with me a lot of good insights to do further writing from this workshop."
- Green Gulch Zen Buddhist Retreat Center, Marin County, CA

Photo of Ray McGinnis Reading from Write to the Heart
Ray McGinnis, author of 'Writing the Sacred' reading from his new book at the book launch.