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Journaling may be the answer for those who don't have time to think

Writing Workshop offers Creative Solutions for the Stresses of Life

100 Mile Free Press May 23, 2001, Page B3

Journaling may be the answer for those whose lives are so busy they don't have time to think. Keeping a journal is the topic of a first time workshop at the beginning of June. Ray McGinnis, a skilled facilitator from Vancouver, will be at 100 Mile House United Church June 1 and 2. He is presenting a workshop entitled Write To The Heart.

"This gives you lots of different ways to start that creative process," explained organizer, Alyssa Anderson. In recent years journal writing has become an increasingly popular way of listening to oneself, and being open to one's thoughts and feelings. "Writing in a journal can expand self-understanding and creativity," according to McGinnis.

He is a graduate of the Center for Journal Therapy in Lakewood, Colo. He has designed workshops in retreat centres, community centres, churches and high schools for over 20 years. Write To The Heart is a way to explore creative writing, outwit writer's block, clarify goals or start an autobiography. McGinnis uses a variety of techniques to help people overcome their usual stereotypical responses of people who do not think of themselves as writers.

"He had been up in Williams Lake and I thought it was so good, I wanted him to come to 100 Mile," Anderson said. Various techniques will be taught as ways to get started journaling, and will help people get moving into and through the journal process. For more information or to register, contact Anderson at 395-5315 or the United Church 395-2932."

Photo of Ray McGinnis Reading from Write to the Heart
Ray McGinnis, author of 'Writing the Sacred' reading from his new book at the book launch.