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Journal, Poetry & Creative Writing Workshops

Write to the Heart Writing Workshops

"I am honoring my life by trying to bring more consciousness into my own journal. I am seeing the archetypal dimensions that have forced me toward wholeness against my will. I am seeing the progression of spirals through which I have moved upward an downward, higher into spirit, deeper into grounding." - Marion Woodman, from Bone.

"Nobody sees a flower
it is so small
we haven't time
and to see takes time
like to have a friend takes time."
- Georgia O'Keefe

"Poetry is a kind of meditation
that slows me down and brings
me back to myself."
- Allen Ginsberg

Write to the Heart ™ was brought into being in 1999 to create opportunities where participants in a non-academic setting could play with words, and re-connect with their inner landscape as a catalyst for personal transformation. Through the forms of the journal and poetry, Write to the Heart offers a variety of writing workshops to help free people of their inhibitions and discover that they are original and have something important to express. Through engaging, interactive workshops, participants learn new, proven techniques vital to enhancing motivation, communication, creative self-expression, awareness, wisdom and love.

Some workshops like, Write to the Heart, focus on uses for the journal for personal growth. A number of workshops like Finding What You Didn't Lose, focus on opening our hearts through poem-making. The workshop, Writing the Sacred, is specifically a workshop blending creative writing with spirituality as participants learn to compose their own new Psalms and sacred poetry. For more information about the workshops I offer visit the workshop descriptions by clicking the appropriate tab.

Ray McGinnis is the designer and instructor of Write to the Heart workshops. He is a graduate of the Center for Journal Therapy, in Lakewood, Colorado. He studied with Kathleen Adams, author of Journal To The Self: 22 Paths To Personal Growth. He is a published poet and studied poetry through the Banff Centre for Fine Arts Writing With Style program in Banff, Alberta, Canada. Ray has facilitated groups for over thirty years, including as a program staff member of the Naramata Centre for Continuing Education, in British Columbia, Canada from 1995-1998. His writing workshops have been in demand at health-care facilities, educational settings, churches, retreat settings, professional groups and conferences across North America.

Since 1999 he has taught over 14,000 people to write and gather in writer's circles to write, share and learn together.
Writing the Sacred: A Psalm-Inspired Path to Appreciating and Writing Sacred Poetry is his first published book through Northstone (2005). It is in its fifth printing and has sold over 5,000 copies. Ray lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, and has kept his own journal since 1981. For more information see the contact information below and his workshop schedule.

Contact Write to The Heart

Address: 2095 Beach Avenue, #403,
Vancouver, BC, V6G 1Z3

Phone: 604-408-4457

Photo of Ray McGinnis
Ray McGinnis, author and instructor of Write to the Heart workshops.

From the moment we wake up to the clock radio, the world shouts "hurry, hurry!" Our age is measured in nanoseconds. We swap stories of lives out of balance, pressed for time, coping with stress. While the world demands we speed up, our soul cries for attention, inviting us — even for a little while — to live at a slower pace. Our soul knows we are on a journey.

From deep within comes the urge to notice the journey, to write it down.